Bumble - Bumble app

Nov 24, 2021

REberle — Columbus oh, USA

If a date does not go well, they can report you as a fake profile and Bumble will block you and there's nothing you can do about it because they do not require any proof. If you've been blocked you cannot even find out why. There is no way of contacting them to find out.

This is very unfair and a big waste of time.
Until they can make some changes, my advice is stay clear from them! I am passing on the news to as many people as I can in social media. Also if someone deletes your contact all the messages are deleted, not just on their side. There are just so many things on this site! They even deleted Sharon stone because others thought that her profile was fake. They did not even ask her to prove that her profile was authentic! They do not want to spend any money on Customerservice!