Buyagift - misleading advertising and rip off prices

May 12, 2022

karenannem-of redditch, GB

I had two vouchers titled "two night hotel break for two" both £99 each. I selected a hotel for a 2 night stay next week, but couldn't combine the vouchers through the site. I wanted to combine the vouchers as there were no 2 night stays available for £99.

As there is no service after 5 o clock, I selected a hotel and rang them direct and asked them to provisionally book the 2 nights and asked how much a night, it was £87, so 2 nights would be £174.

the following day I used live chat to try and book through Buyagift. They want to charge me...wait for it! £99 voucher + £174, so £273, if I want to use both vouchers, I have to pay £99 x 2 vouchers + 2 lots of £174, so £546. I repeatedly said, this cant be right, but apparently it is.

I cant believe what a rip off this is, the vouchers are worth literally nothing, the advertising is misleading and the customer service very poor