CaixaBank - My Account being blocked prior to any notification and whilst funds were active in the account.

Nov 18, 2021

Barry Robinson — USA

Account: [protected]
I would like someone to investigate the following;

1. Why was I not notified that my account was to be blocked?
2. Why after completing all the requested forms was my account not reinstated.
Why was I then requested to come to Spain and sign the documentation?
4. Why was none of the above made clear to me that I would need to attend my local branch in Spain prior to all the forms being filed.
5. Why can you not accept electronic signatures?

I am quite annoyed and frustrated that my account is still blocked, I have requested the details of my recipients from my branch so I may pay my bills from my Bank in the UK as I cannot access my Spanish account, this has not been actioned and I would like to know why?

From this experience I would like a superior member of the bank to contact me directly so I may further request the details of all my recipients so as to pay my bills.

Further more once this is all settled and I have the required information you may then close this account, I shall direct all payments through my UK accounts.

Required information;
1. Mortgage account.
2. Insurance details on the mortgage account.
3. Local Tax office account.
4. Electricity account.
5. Water account.