Cal-Am Properties - Changing Non pet sections to pet sections with no notice

Mar 30, 2022

CharMac-of Mesa, US

I bought in the non-pet section at Mesa Regal in AZ about 3 years ago! January of 2022 a RV pulled in next to my park model that had 2 dogs! I called the office for 5 days straight with NO response after leaving a message each time asking someone to return my call. I finally reached someone on Sunday and they said they were aware of the problem but couldn’t do anything till the next day which was Monday due to the weekend. On Monday after waiting for the RV to move I called the office and to see why they were still in the non-pet section and the office told ME, I was now part of the pet section. No one in this park was ever notified by mail, email, nothing! I don’t want to live in the pet section! This is [censored] that this corporation can do want they want without notifying the owners or giving us a chance to vote it down! This corporation is not about bing a REDORT and catering to their customers! They are about greed and doing whatever they want which should not be legal!