Cal-Am Properties - Park Maintanence and Lot Rent

Jan 13, 2022

S. Peterson-of Enumclaw, US

Mountain Villa, Enumclaw, WA

The Park has not had a Maintenance person for a long time, thus several areas of the park are starting to look like a run down and quite frankly a ghetto. I pay almost $1, 000 a month in lot rent for what?

The dog receptacle containers (poop bins) are overflowing to the point that there are piles of bags of poop on the ground around the bind.

The street lights in front of each home do not work, making the entire park dark and not safe for residents.

Yard Waste hasn't been picked up in at least a month.

No one is in the office to take complaint calls or any other call for over a month.

This is a senior living community and rent has gone up every year I have lived here (5 years) what am I paying for? When I moved in, lot rent was $650.00 a month, it is now almost $1, 000 a month. I have spoken to other neighbors whose rent did NOT go up last year because of the pandemic, yet mine has consistently gone up every year.

Any green space in the park is being replaced by homes, there is no where to walk your dog anymore. Neighbors are allowing their dogs to poop in the road and not picking it up, while other neighbors are allowing their dogs to poop in neighbors yards without picking it up.

The park manager Theresa was excellant at keeping everything up to code but she has been gone for a month and everything is falling apart. Bring Theresa back!

WA State law (RCW 59.20) states that you now have 30 days to comply with all of the above that I have stated or my lot rent is free until you have corrected the problems. Also, you can not retaliate against me for bringing these issues to your attention. You may want to familarize yourself with WA State Manufactured home laws in order to be compliant with the law.

Sascha Peterson