Caliber Collision Centers - Passenger side door mirror. Claim # IVI8359

Feb 22, 2022

Art02-of Jupiter, US

I was sent by Travelers to Jupiter's FL collision center to replace the damaged R/H door mirror. The Traveler's adjustor estimated that the repair will cost less than my deductible and will be responsible for repair. The Caliber of Jupiter agrees to perform the repair and asked me for a down payment to order a new mirror. I was told that due to the supply chain, I could have a longer wait for the repair.

A week later, being in the neighborhood, I stopped at the collision center to see if they have any information about the mirror. The manager and one more person came out of his office and told me that mirror is there. After unwrapping the mirror I was in shock. The replacement mirror was trash. I asked the manager if he will install such garbage on his vehicle. He was mute. I asked for a refund and he agreed. I told him that I will order my mirror and will install it by myself, he said when I get the mirror to come back to the shop and he will paint the cover for free, I tried to pick up his business card, and he said that I do not need it. A few days later, when I came back with the cover to be painted, he denied his promise.

The shop is located in the neighborhood, I will never come back there if I will ever need the repair.