Caliber Collision Centers - Warranty on previous job done

Apr 08, 2022

Marcos Orellana-of Los Angeles, US

I called Caliber for a re-do on my car since they did not match the paint correctly in the right front door and also the clear coat drip in the hood. When I took the car in they damaged the rear bumper and the right front door cover to the speaker. When I called to shop on 7400 Deering Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303 to find out when I could drop off the car to fix those problems the General Manger Rey Solis told me I could bring the car in but "they were going to tell me whether the job was done there or nor" like if I was lying to them about the job that was done at their location. Solis repeatedly told me in person when I showed up at their location that job was not done there. Solis also told me they could NOT match the paint 100% and that I will not be happy, therefore he said "I refuse to warranty it here". Also, the general manager asked me for the paperwork of the damage in the rear bumper since it was something they did at the job I needed to get a separated documentation for that like if me as a client am suppose to know their protocols and procedures when something like that happens. I made a complaint to my insurance company and at the moment they are working something for me and told me not to worry about it. I am really disappointed at Caliber Collision for not taking responsibility for they terrible job they did in my car.