Caliber Collision Centers - Collision repair

Apr 21, 2022

Jerry W Taylor-of North Charleston, US

I took my F250 to the Caliber Collision on Ashley Phosphate Road in North Charleston, SC for collision repair at the recommendation of my insurer (USAA). It was determined my right side frame needed replaced. I will as told it had been ordered.

After about 5 months I was told the part had arrived, but they could not fit me in for a month.

April 5th, I dropped my truck off to have the frame snd new bumper installed. Three weeks later, I called to check the status and was told my truck had been transferred to another Caliber location. Upon calling the new location, I was told. THE PART WAS NEVER ORDERED!

6 freaking months wasted. The new Caliber location said my parts were again ordered.

I am livid! This os the pinnacle of incompetence.


How this business is still operating defies logic.