Call Select - Overcharging on invoice

Apr 12, 2022

Lucian-P-of Calgary, CA

The invoice is calculating the amount in Canadian dollars for Canadian customers and is applying the exchange rate twice.

On each individual call it calculates the amount as the number of minutes * rate/minute * currency exchange

Currently the rate for mobile call in Romania is $0.08 (listed on their website in USD) and the exchange rate (CAD/USD) is 1.55 - blended rate, updated yearly.

I had a call of 56 minutes and the charge was $7.30.

The total for all the calls was $26.69 which is supposed to be in CAD.

But on the summary section, on the charges it was listed $41.37 (which is $26.69 * 1.55)

So they are applying the exchange rate twice.

This is on top of the fact that 56 minutes * 0.08$/minute*1.55 = $6.95 (or $7.02 if we add the $0.07 call setup fee which is not listed on their website but on the Comwave, the parent company) which should have been the amount (not $7.30)

On Term and Conditions it is stated that "Outside of the United States all long distance charges on your bill will already include an additional currency exchange rate to the US dollar which is subject to change based on market conditions."

This means that all charges on the invoice will be in CAD

When I called about this I was told that in fact the amount on the individual calls in in USD and not in CAD. Then I was told that I was not on the $0.08/minutes rate since CallSelect was purchased by Comwave and they mentioned about the connection setup fee for calls over 5 minutes (on Comwave terms and conditions the connection setup fee is listed for all long distance calls)

I was offered a credit for the difference in the last invoice

This was not the outcome I expected and therefore I cancelled the account with CallSelect.