CallReady / Dolphin Com - Telephone number

Feb 17, 2022

Goose Duck-of US

What a dreadful company have been chasing me for the past 8 months or so for a number I cancelled. I have told them it was cancelled and I don’t want the service yet every bill cycle they increase the amount I owe them and bombard me with text and email messages. Come on call ready get a life . You can’t be that hard up for money that you need to do this. As for services they are poor company seems to be run out of a bedroom with staff having no idea on how the system works or what the company offers. There are much better companies out there these guys don’t even have a system you can login too so as to divert your number you have to email them each time and wait, yet there prices are much the same as companies where you can do this most basic operation yourself from your account infancy they don’t even have an account you log into basic at best and disappointing service