- Camba, HB 1958 Fulton Street, Bklyn, NY, follow up assistance

Feb 15, 2022


I was granted a CITYFHEPS voucher and found a room in BROOKLYN, NY 11225. After residing in this room for a few months the Landlord began harassing me to a point that I wanted to leave as much as she did. After, doing the research I was informed that I had to seek help from The Camba, Homebase Bklyn location in 1958 Fulkton because of the zip code. After some time of making contact I was helped in this matter to begin the process 7/21/21. I was finally approved for the CityFHEPS transfer 11/23/21. Being that the lease expired 1/5/2022. I knew I had to move fast. I finally found a place that would accept the voucher. I made contact with CAMBA HB Bklyn for the next steps and documents. Camba, HB returned back with the needed documents on 12/7/21. I was then informed by CAMBA that my case was closed and had to re-open and fill out all the documents all over again. This of course took time. CAMBA reached out the the Landlord with the process and documents needed on 12/14/2021. After that I have been texting, calling and emailing all parties involved all the way up until 1/13/2022 asking for any updates on what was the status and have received no response from anyone in copy on the emails. And as of now can't reach anyone by phone because all mailboxes are full and can't accept any messages. I am up in the air at this point not knowing what happened because no one can be reached. All I need is to know is the voucher valid and what happened but no one is available for the update, and several people have been included in the process.