Camper - Camper Shoes London Covent Garden Store

Jan 27, 2022

paulaosu-of London, GB

I bought a pair of boots in store (London, Covent Gsrden). Since they didn't have the right size in store, I proceed to pay and order a delivery from their warehouse to the store for pick up within 3-5 working days (order number is T00QBA1000074904).

Ten days later, I had emails from the local courier as they couldn't deliver because there was nobody in store to accept the order. They tried twice. After the third attempt they would return the item to the warehouse.

I tried calling and emailing Camper, but never got a reply. I contacted the courier but I couldn't change the delivery address as I didn't place the order.

So I went to the store, which had no manager at that time!, and the staff couldn't solve the issue..I spent an hour trying to find solutions but the manager over the phone didn't offer anything realistic (for instsnce, they found I could pay 'again' for the boots and get them from another camper store!?). I wasted an hour of my time with no solution.

Now they want me to go back to the store but I can't possibly spend more time and money on a product I paid for more than 10 days ago.

This service is a joke, and they don't care at all about customer service.

At this point, I paid over £80 ten days ago, for boots I'll never see. help please!