Canadapt Consulting - Immigration fraud

Feb 21, 2022

Public Service Message-of US

We have been informed by the management of Candapt that Leyla Mammadova has left her profession after the suspension of her license and will no longer be practicing as an immigration consultant.Therefore, we advise you excersise extream caution before proceeding with Candapt for your immigration needs. Ms. Mammadova is currently getting investigated for criminal charges including identify theft, breach of confidentiality and practicing without a license. CICC has confirmed that there are multiple complaints against MS. Mammadova that are being investigated and a disciplinary action may lead to huge fines and a complete revocation. We are NOT aware of any other consultants working at Canadapt, if there are any as claimed by the business then please make the information public and introduce your team with their license numbers on your website before it gets blocked by the authorities. Also, if you have been a victim of leyla Mammadova then please reach out to your local Police and Candain Anti Fraud Agency. Again, we have been contacted by the victims who have been illegally provided immigration services by Ms. Mammadova and we have received threats from the Canadapt directly for which we have notified the authorities.