Canadian Appliance Source - Incorrect refrigerator model supplied--no return or refund offered

Nov 24, 2021

Jason359 — Oakville, Canada

November 12, 2021,
After months of shopping and dialogue with sales rep, my wife called on November 12 to place an order and asked for 'the best package price' for the appliances we had been looking at since September. She supplied EXACT part/ model numbers verbally over the phone. The sales rep prepared a 'package price' to include a refrigerator, dishwasher and extended warranties for both items at an agreeable price.

My wife asked the sales rep to call me directly to arrange payment over the phone and I provide credit card payment over the phone. Approximately five minutes later, I received an email copy of the invoice with no discussion or reference to return or refund policies.

Today, the appliances were delivered to our home, refrigerator was unpackaged by delivery personnel for us to learn it was the wrong fridge!! (looks the same but no water dispenser or ice-maker; features we specifically required!!). It seems that in their effort to 'fit' the appliances into our spending budget, they changed the model of refrigerator with no advice/ mention to us.

We immediately contacted CAS customer care and were directed to their return/ exchange/ refund page for processing. In order to submit the form we must agree to:
-25% re-stocking fee if product is not in full original packaging (unpackaged by delivery crew!!
-Incur a secondary delivery charge for additional delivery/ pickup
-Accept that CAS, at their discretion, reserves the right to determine eligibility of return/ refund/ exchange.
...none of which we feel comfortable agreeing to

Customer care was extremely rude to my wife and advised me to 'take my chances' with the return form to 'see what happens'.

This is where we stand now.