Canadian Appliance Source - Poor customer service and especially delivery.

Mar 08, 2022

Wei Qian-of US

Worst ever experience. I wish there is "0" star I can enter.

Ordered Laundry Set for my rental property on Jan 02 and was promised delivery date of Jan 20, the delivery was pushed until end of of Feb, which is understandable due to global supply chain issue.

I requested 40 min notice before making delivery so that I can drive to my rental property. 4 deliveries so far, NEVER HAPPENED. If 40 min notice is not guaranteed, DON'T PROMISE.

Online delivery tracking is not trustable.

Looks like they enjoyed not making deliveries, I even can hear the delivery driver was laughing when I say I cannot be there if they give me only 10 min notice.

I was given a kind of reimbursement for not making deliveries, but I really don't want it, I want the laundry set delivered.

DON'T call the salesperson you had to deal with because they will not take your phone call or call you back when you need them. You have to be at the shop talking to them face to face.

It is not done yet, will have to reschedule another delivery but they are trying to charge me for the "second" delivery.

I am pretty sure this is my last time dealing with this company, I wish I had gone to other sellers at the very beginning.