- Shipped Me the Wrong engine for vehicle

May 09, 2022

Dracy Reed II -of US

Hello My Name is Dracy Reed II and I am very disappointed because they never happened to me ever with my experience doing business on I ordered the engine from Mike All Star Imports /Reyes Auto in Denver Colorado and he sent me the absolutely wrong engine. I originally ordered a 5.3L LS4 which he claimed that he had listed 4/28/2022 so last Friday it arrived at my mechanic home on surveillance camera and we didn’t unwrap it or nothing because we knew for a fact after they didn’t call they just dropped it off comes to find out it’s a 4.8L no LS4 Engine and not to only mention it’s a rear wheel drive engine my car is Front Wheel drive. Yeah I received the wrong engine from one of these sellers on your site named Mike and I shouldn’t be responsible for reshipment based on receiving the wrong item that I didn’t order his name is Mike and false advertising on the site and he sent me whatever he wanted me to have and took my hard earned money money $1,275 on a wrong engine that’s not even for my vehicle he told me what was my car make and model and I told him and he said oh yes I have that engine in stock with 92,000 miles for $900 you will need a lift gate and that will be an extra $375 delivered to residential address which was my mechanic home. So I went to my mechanic home to check out the engine he completely sent the wrong engine and I have multiple witnesses we didn’t unwrap the engine or nothing it’s still in plastic waiting to be picked back up by Forward Air to go back to sender. You can contact me at [protected] I totally want my refund back on this matter I am Dracy I know you guys are closed on the weekend but I need someone to contact me first thing in the morning regarding this matter thank you.