- Used Engine/Sent The Wrong Engine Twice

Dec 14, 2021

OLD SCHOOL-of United States

I am making this complaint because i spoke with a sales person at pnp automotive located at 1931 flushing ave Ridgewood NY about a engine assembly i located on car-part that the said company had advertised on your web sight ...i gave the sales person (OJ) the vin number of the vehicle that i was working on in order to get the correct engine...when the engine was delivered we installed the engine and realized after the engine was installed it was the wrong engine because the starter was hitting against the flywheel so i had to pull the engine out to investigate the problem and it turned out to be the engine they sent me had 144 teeth on the flywheel and the original engine has 117 teeth so the flywheel was to at this time i contacted (OJ) and advised him of this matter also i sent him a photo of the flywheel because he asked if i would be able to switch the flywheel but the flywheel did match up to the crank holes on his engine that he sent me so again i forward the photos to his cell this time he advised me that he would send another engine which he did apx 10 days later and that was the wrong engine after i specified i need a engine with a 117 teeth on the flywheel the one he sent me had 125 teeth i swapped the flywheel installed it but was getting the codes for camshaft again had to remove the engine again i advised him at this time i purchased another engine from best metal in Newark NJ installed the engine and all went well for me dealing with PNP (OJ) he is giving me a hard time and will not refund me my money back i tried several times to make it work and i'm in the red on that job due to the time wasted on taking the engine in and out, Thank You...Please feel free to contact me at Deutsche Autohaus 209 Mountain View Blvd Wayne NJ [protected] or [protected]