Car Service City - Car Service Nightmare

May 18, 2022

alut-of ZA


I came in with my car overheating and when I came back to get it, it no longer changes gears now and drives only in sport. When I point this out they say I brought it in as is, but they even test drove the car after the alleged repairs they said it was just changing gears slowly, not stuck. When I came to get it I got stuck down the road as it was stuck on gear 1, and I definitely drove all the way there when I brought it in with zero gear selection issues

Asked them for a car inspection beforehand to check what was wrong with the car overall then I can check the quote and approve what I can fix...and to check why the fan was rattling when I accelerate. The rattling sound is very much still there if not worse now. When I complained they keep saying is the car overheating?, which to me sounds like a slap in the face cause how am I supposed to test it if I can only move on gear 1 and not even go 30km/h?

I asked for the complaints desk and I was told there is nothing to complain about, and furthermore I am not allowed access to the recorded phone calls. The lady ended up reluctantly giving me this number (011 8833689 which is not working) but refused to tell me of the proper channels to lay a complaint...Is POPIA nor the right to information not applicable to your company?

I am honestly disappointed and unhappy, I have been constantly getting my car serviced with you for the past 3 years but this was the last time. I regret bringing my car cause it feels like I just went for a very expensive cosmetic lift for irrelevant parts of the engine, and as a bonus, now the gears don't work anymore.

Personally I wouldn't make the mistake of recommending you to my worst enemies