Carbonite - carbonite safe basic

Dec 02, 2021

Ward Buckingham-of United States

today I discovered Carbonite has not backed up any of my computer files since 6/12/2020 despite my having paid automatic billings of $71.99 on 11/30/2019 and $83.89 on 11/28/2020. Carbonite Support claims I was sent e-mail mid October 2021 warning me of problems with my backup but do not recall any such mailing. The only mailing I recall is from 10/30/2021 alerting me to upcoming subscription auto-renewal which occurred 11/29/2021 for $83.99. Carbonite is being re-installed on my computer as I type this. However Carbonite refused through Carbonite Support to consider any refund for prior bills paid despite the fact that I received no services for those bills In paid. They should have refunded half of 11/30/2019 payment and all of 11/28/2020 payment. That is what I expect...nothing more but also nothing less. Support tried to tell me my files were still accumulating on Carbonite's server even though Carbonite itself was seeing no evidence of file backup since 6/12/2020. Deceptive double-talk...rubbish!