Cardi's Furniture - Mattress and Base

Mar 15, 2022

daskotakt29-of Groton, US

Cardis is the worst experience ever! I was told my order for a mattress and base were ready for delivery. A week after my purchase Cardis came and took my old Mattress and Boxspring and set up the base for my mattress but guess what THERE IS NO MATTRESS! The delivery men said they couldnt wait to work this matter out. The manager they called was not helpful in the least nor apologetic. In fact not once did anyone ever apologize to me for what happened. I called Beau the salesman who told me in the store the mattress would be 1-2 weeks and after a week he would call to set up delivery. Beaus response to this happening is to blame me and tell me he told me the mattress would be 2-3 weeks which was never the case and he know is saying it will be another 2-3 weeks. So all day I stress and try to figure out what I can sleep on since they just took my mattress. Raymour and Flanagan can get a mattress to you overnight which is great however it took me sometime to pick out a different mattress. It is not until night that I learn that the mattress is never coming! It was DISCONTINUED and Beau was supposed to have called me which would have been great to have learned this ahead of time. Beau never apologized, nor did any manager not once single Cardis representative ever said they were sorry that this happened. I have a herniated neck and back and because of this situation I have lost feeling in my right leg now. I planned to see a doctor today but I spent yet another day waiting for Cardis to come get their crap out of my house. Thats right it took another week before they would come and get their set up for a mattress they canceled on me without telling me. The delivery mean beat up my walls! I will never ever step foot into a Cardis ever again! Their products are overpriced compared to Mattress Firm and Raymour.