Carter Bank & Trust - Customer service at the Riverside Danville Va location

Jan 03, 2022

Ann Emerson-of Danville, United States

I tried to cash or deposit a check that my daughter had signed over to me. I had money in the account to cover the check. I had been doing this since August when she got the job she's only 15 . The woman that set up my account said I could not sign her up for a checking account until she turned 16. The branch manager Tony Reese could not be bothered to get up and speak to me through the window. I was told I would have to come in and speak to him which I did. He told me that I could not cash or deposit the check because it was up to him and it was his bank and decided who cashed or deposited checks in his bank. He was rude and still couldn't be bothered to get up out of his seat or speak to me in a professional manner. I went to another Carter's bank in Danville cashed the check no problem. I called customer care spoke to Keshia and she told me it was in fact policy to treat people this way. The bank manager can pick and choose who's check he or she cashes. This happened on Christmas Eve and left a horrible impression on me. Carter's bank could definitely do better!