Casella Waste Systems - unethical billing practices, terrible service

Apr 12, 2022

loveaduck-of US

After 3 yrs as a customer, several missed pick-ups and miscommunications regarding when my trash would actually be picked up, increasing rates and decreasing quality of service, I discontinued service.

When I spoke with a representative, I was told any balance for the month would be refunded to me. So, I chose March 4th, 2022, believing it would fall within the current billing cycle which was paid on February 9th - as soon as the bill arrived. The online bill pay site does not specify the dates of the billing cycle - only when the bill is due. I also sent an email on February 22, reiterating my request for discontinuing service and the last date for pick-up I had arranged. I did not receive a response until March 1, 2022 which contradicted what I had been told on the phone regarding refunding any remaining balance. At that point, it was already within the next billing cycle as I now find out, which started March 1st.

Had I been correctly informed any remaining balance would not be refunded and had I known what the billing cycle dates actually were, I’d have discontinued service before the end of February.

I am now being expected to pay $43.50 for a single pick-up. I have addressed this with customer service and a condescending billing department rep at Casella to no avail.

I am willing to pay for a single pick-up but not for an entire month. I was given the wrong information initially regarding a refund which determined the ending date I chose for service. The online bill pay site does not provide the information to make an informed decision regarding beginning and ending billing/service dates. Should have shopped around & read reviews before signing on with them.