Casper's Co - Being over charged and poor customer service by both employees

Apr 12, 2022

Kjjjpy-of Bryceville, US

Ran through the drive-through for a Sausage Egg and cheese breakfast meal with a small drink. The price of the meal states $6.79, but when I get to the window I am charged $8.70. When I questioned why I was charged so much the young lady said " I don't know I just started" then walked away. The next lady came to the window with track marks on her arms and I asked her if she could explain the charge from 6.79 to 8.70. I said is my small drink not included anymore and she said "who knows, I didn't ring you up" slammed the window, and walked away. If I wasn't running late for work I would have waited for someone to come back to the window to return the meal, and gotten my money back. There is much-needed up- training for this Mc Donalds team @ 10135 Sanjose Blvd. Jacksonville Florida