Cayman Airways - Refund due to Cayman Islands not open to US travelers

Nov 19, 2021

Jerri Dickerman — Ft Lauderdale, USA

My trip to the Cayman Islands was cancelled months ago due to the Islands were not open to US travelers. I was only given a credit and not a refund for my flight. I do not know if I will be traveling to the Caymans again, so a credit does not help. I have sent MANY emails requesting a refund, which every other airlines has providing due to Covid closings. Why can I not get a refund for my round trip flights? Right now, I have NO desire to ever go to the Cayman Islands because of my experience with Cayman Airways. This is a poor way to treat customers.
Below is the flight information that I did have and the cost of my ticket:
12/25/21 - Flight #KX4425 - from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman
1/1/22 - Flight #KX4422 - from Little Cayman - stop over in Cayman Brac - to Grand Cayman
Total price - $184.38