CBS News - T-mobile billing

Dec 20, 2021

Paskel Traylor-of carrollton, United States

I change from Sprint to T-Mobile, and they said that the bill would be the same and it doubled. It was $87.oo to $160.00 a mouth. My wife has been calling in every month to talk about the bill. Back in August, i spent 4 hours at T-Mobile location in Plano in one day, they turn off both of my phones. With them turning my phones, they gave me another phone for free to get my business back up, and they said to my wife and i that my personal will be turn on at Midnight that it would be back on, it wasn't. I called in the the corporate headquarters and talk to Mike Seivert, the owner. He was the one that got my personal phone back working. September, i was charge for that free phone, so it wasn't free. So, we had to call in again, again every month. I have my bills from Sprint showing what my bills was. I spent 6 hours total at the store working on this. Can you help, I have called in Corporate Headquarters again to see if they could, I'm just getting tired of calling in every month. It takes 2 hours every time we call in, every month they say that they got it fixed.