CEDA - Receiving services

Apr 19, 2022

Juanita Soukouna-of US

I applied for CEDA benefits in December 2021, but I was missing some documents which were uploaded in a timely manner.

The application has remained in Denied status since January 2022

I started calling [protected], [protected], and [protected] with minimal response

Every Person that answered my call was going to escalate the matter since April 7 2022. Apparently, no one can find these escalations, but my application was updated on April 7-2022 with an E-signature page, no one can explain.

I last spoke with Jenn out of the west lake office (April 26, 2022 @1050am) that works from home she stated she would Escalate my complaint to her supervisor and that Her Supervisor would reach out to me in 5 business days.

I would like to file a formal complaint and would like the number to do so!

My application has been in Limbo since December 2021 and nothing has been done about it. I stated each time I want the old case closed so I can fill out a new application as the recommendations states on the CEDA application website but I have been refused!...Application number 6916012 currently says denied or reapply!...sincerely Juanita Soukouna [protected]