Cellular Sales - Cell phone/ signature fraud on my paperwork

Dec 12, 2021

steven bridges-of United States

Was that a State Fair in Augusta Georgia saw a Verizon tent setup spoke to the gentleman said that they were from Verizon later to find out that they were not they were from Cellular Sales. They said that they were offering free phones with a promotion they had so I got four phones. They showed me customer agreement paperwork showing what my monthly bill is going to be. To find out I am being charged for them. I only signed customer agreement. I called customer service and the said they would get upper management to look into it. Which took long than what they said and went past my return policy. I was told I had to pay for the phone in my monthly bill. I have now found out the sales person or customer service rep has forged my signature on documents and they are all different types of scribble lines and are not my signature.