Cellular Sales - Lost phone number; no refund

Jan 01, 2022

Angelo Anello-of United States

December 10, 2021

Angelo Anello
temp number [protected]
perm number [protected]
To Whom It May Concern:

Last Friday, December 3, 2021, I went into an Ocala Verizon store (SR 40 near the Ocala city limit), to purchase a ‘Jet Pack', for reception on Verizon's internet network.

I was sold a package with a new ‘Edge' phone (because my moto e6 wouldn't work); promised by Verizon Agent Ahmed, that the January 2022 first payment would be less than $ 200. I agreed, and waited for my number [protected], to be changed. He even wrote down his quote on my receipt, and then denied that he wrote it.

The number was not transferred, and Ahmed has avoided me; he left about 3:00 PM.
He texted me the next day, saying I had ‘threatened' him, because I had pointed out that he lied to me about the price, and failed to transfer the number. He told me it was ‘out of his hands'!

I waited through Sunday, December 6, 2021, when it was apparent the number wasn't going to change. Driving back to the store, I explained my predicament to Anna [protected]. She tried to help, taking back the items purchased, and returning my old phone. I called the previous carrier (Total/ Tracfone), but was told the number ‘wasn't available'. I spent hours on hold, trying to fix this, using Anna's phone. And hours on the road.

Today is the fifth day I have been unreachable, because my number is ‘not in service'. No one at Verizon seems to be interested in this; there is no commission to be had. I talked to ‘Stuart' who offered to put me on customer service hold again, at the store yesterday; I declined.

I would like to dispute the sale, as dishonest ‘activation fees', and therefore void:

Suntrust (Truist) disputes [protected]

Cellular Sales 12/ 3 26.94
" " 96.00
112.94 charged 12/ 3

- 12.51 credit 12/ 6
- 3.20 credit 12/6
- 50.00 credit 12/ 9

57.23 total owed

Please help me restore my number, and retrieve my refund from Verizon!

Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.


Angelo Anello

cc: Any Interested Media
FCC Telecom
FL Senior Consumer Agencies