Cenex - Customer Service

Apr 22, 2022

Teaganlee16-of Marshall MN, US

I go to the Cenex gas station in Marshall Minnesota every single morning before I go to work. I work at a school so this morning I grabbed 10 of their plastic spoons for the students project today. Before I did that I looked to see if they sold any plastic wear in boxes. They do not so I did grab 10 of the spoons that were over by the prepared food area. I was done encountered by a lady behind the counter with an attitude. She asked if I grabbed a lot of spoons I said yes she asked how many and I proceeded to tell her 10. She kept up her attitude and said well we will have to charge you for that if you continue to do that. That was my first time doing that and the only time I am going to do that. I told her I come here every single day and get a coffee and something to eat. She continued to say that I did not need the spoons for what I was eating so that they can charge me for the spoons that are free. She did not greet me when I came in the door the only encounter I had with her was when she gave me attitude about grabbing spoons. I have went to this gas station every single morning for the last 16 weeks. I now will refuse to go to this gas station at all because of her service and how she treated me right away in the morning.