Central Developments Property Group - Junction village 3

Mar 14, 2022

AbbigailK95-of Pretoria, ZA

I am en expectant mother who is paying rent MONTHLY at The Junction Village 3, I live with my fiancé inside the complex.

Months ago in 2021, without any prior communication which is the norm for Central Development, our fingerprints just stopped working.

Currently, as I’ve had no time to register my fingerprint again, I have been scanning the barcode to enter the complex and if the barcode put up by Central Development is damaged and you cannot scan it then a paying tenant is told by Security to enter a damn code which is unacceptable.

Today at 17:45 14 March 2022 I could not enter the complex because I had run out of data, the female security officer simply said she cannot assist me and wanted a paying tenant to park outside the complex with no way into the complex where she lives.

I refused to reverse my vehicle because it is pouring with rain and cannot get home due to Central Developments that has prevented security from assisting its residents and tenants.

The female security guard pressed a panic button, kept telling me to reverse and park outside as of I’m a visitor and while also holding a clamp ready to clamp my goddamn vehicle instead of actually assisting.

And her male colleague proceeded in writing down my registration.

The assistance and concern at this complex is appalling, no wonder so many people move out before even a month has passed.