Central Hudson Gas & Electric - new service

Feb 17, 2022

Kim Just-of US

I am appalled at the process to get service turned on. I know if I don't pay my bill the service will be off the same day but God forbid, I try and get new service. Last week after sitting on hold for 40 minutes I finally got thru to a rep gave them the new address and all the billing information. They advised I needed an electrical inspector to inspect before they can turn service on. Ok. I got one. He sent the report over on February 6th. I called Central Hudson they advised service can be connected on Feb. 14th! Great. Well Feb. 14th came and went and no service. On the 15th I called back now 40 minutes on hold to be told They don't have the inspection. I then call the inspector back and asked him to resend it. He advised he would send it right away. I then attempted to call Central Hudson after waiting 40 minutes I decided to opt for a call back which I received 6 hours later when I was at work and unable to take the call. So here I sit now on Feb. 17th after speaking to a very nice young lady at 452-2000 customer service she adv they have the inspection since Feb 6th! and they have the ok to turn the service on. I asked when it would be turned on and she advised I would have to speak to another department and transferred me. after waiting 20 minutes someone picked up and hung up. SO I called back and after 45 minutes on hold ( hey maybe its time to do sdome hiring Central Hudson!) I finally got a rep named Courtney who ACTUALLY knew her job. When she needed to put me on hold she actually checked back often so I didnt think she left me to rot or that she forgot about me! She was able to tell me service will be turned on on the 22nd of Feb which I think is absurd since they had everything they needed on Feb. 6th! I had contacted Central Hudson through the website and got an automated message letting me know that it would be 5-7 days for a reply..really?! I also emailed every corporate big wig whose email address I could find. I am sure I will never hear from them. SO will I get service on the 22nd? stay tuned. Should be interesting.