Chain Reaction Cycles - Delivery orderid:CRC6342789203

Apr 30, 2022

m4rk.f-of Accrington, GB

Hi I placed an order for Hope Tech 3 E4 Mountain Bike Disc Brake Pads On 22 April 2022, the next email I received was to confirm my order with tracking number T00A1A0045927714 on reviving this email I realised my address was wrong. I tried everything I could to contact evri to correct this mistake, they confirmed I needed to contact chain reaction cycles to change this asap, so I did that straight away as the item wasn’t due to be delivered for 3 days. Chain reaction cycles confirmed they would inform Evri. Unfortunately the item still went to the old address. I had to go round there in hope that someone would be in. But unfortunately no one was so I left a note to explain the situation, but still haven’t heard anything back. I’ve done everything I can to try and sort this out. All chain reaction cycles said was they can’t do anything until the item is returned. that is not a acceptable solution as I have no item and no way of getting it back and I’m also out of pocket.