Charles de Gaulle Airport / Paris Aeroport - Information providers personal

Nov 23, 2021

Anna222222 — Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Today, 24 of November 2021, around 11 pm, in Terminal 3 of CDG airport I was treated extremely rudely from the side of information providers personal.
A female employee, brown hair, quite pretty, can't remember the name on badge precisely (long and starts with E) screamed at me and asked why I looked at her badge, blamed me for coming too close to her (I was wearing a mask and maintaining 2 meters distance) and overall she was trying to provoke some conflict and her colleague nearby was just calmly observed it.
I could never imagine a situation when an airport personal would be rude, screaming and provoking after I just asked her "Excuse me, how can I find a RossyBus?"
Maybe, this employee was under the influence of some substances or just psychologically instable.
Anyway, I hope you will find this information helpful. I believe that it's extremely important for CDG airport to maintain a proper brand image, since it's the place where many foreigners get their first interaction with France and french society.