Charles de Gaulle Airport / Paris Aeroport - Aggressive an rude security staff

Apr 15, 2022

MimiPetcu-of US

Today April 15th at Terminal 2E at the Security point there was a woman with a erratic and aggressive behaviour that I do not understand at 8am. She was pulling ,pushing and moving trays around without any logic confusing everyone as if she was mad. I have place both my hand luggage in one tray and she pushed my tray of the rail and started screaming at me: you only put one bag in a tray. I have placed one bag and got the tray for the other bag and she kept screaming: Move, Move! As if we were cattle at a market. I told her I want to speak to a supervisor and she started laughing. I honestly don't understand this bipolar attitude. I had to go look for a supervisor Richard Hubard who was very confused and told me to write a complain. A supervisor with ZERO leadership skills, zero conflict resolution and who is unable to manage his staff. I am seriously concern with the mental state of the security staff employeed here. They seem poorly trained, unable to manage crowds and stress and aggressive. A disgrace that such low class and uneducated people end up working in airport. They do not represent the airport in a professional manner and they lack basic skills to perform their job up to standards.