Cherokee Nation - Casinos

Mar 16, 2022

Carol Thomas-of US

I thought casinos wasn’t allowed to set machines so certain people can win!? Now regardless of what you say or what your employees at the Sallisaw casino say, I’ve seen this happen to often! There is one man named Tony Vendor that comes in Sallisaw casino and no matter what machine he sits at after about the 4th spin it’s red screen after red screen and he always walks out with no less than 3,000 dollars, on 3/16/22 he was playing 2 dollar polar , I had been there most of the day and I’d played it and others had played, never really got anything but when I left at around 2:40pm he had 6,000 dollars on that machine and this was just today! This may not seem like big deal but it’s very unfair and there are several people I’ve heard talk about this! Including myself! It’s not right and it should not be happening!