Cheryl & Co. / Cheryl's Cookies - problem with order placed for the holidays

Dec 14, 2021

Sandy Reese-of United States

I tried to place an order online for a holiday gift. Problem with website in that it would not accept the address. So I called and placed the order on line. It was difficult to do this because there was an extreme language barrier. But order got placed and they gave me an order number ([protected]) and the delivery would be 12/7 and 12/13. I was told I would get an email confirmation. This did not happen.
I followed up on the order status and shipping by providing the order number, delivery zip code and sender zip code. Website said tracking info would be provided when the order shipped. The information was never added so I called again. Again, extreme language barrier. I did ask if there was anyone else there that spoke better english but there was not. Nor was there any management person available for me to speak with. Anyway, they told me the item was no longer available and proposed a different item, which was at a higher price. I asked if they would honor the price of the item that was no longer available, but they weren't able to do that. So new order placed, new order number provided (2948013). I said that the new number was shorter than the first order number but they said this was correct. They said order would arrive around 12/17. I went online to follow up again and the order number was not recognized. So, called again. Again, extreme language barrier. They could not find the correct order number. But they did have a UPS tracking number but they could not find that it was delivered. I went on UPS site and tracking number was not valid. She said that my credit card company did not validate the charge and that I was not charged. But I went to my statement and of course I was charged $69.74 (for a $39.99 item cost) on 11/30. We went round and round for over an hour. I asked to cancel any open order they may have for me and I wanted an email today confirming cancellation, and now that I knew I was charged, that a refund would be processed. She was not able to do that. I said I would dispute any charge received, and at the end of the call she told me to dispute the charge. I have already initiated that with my card company.
Words fail me to describe how absolutely ridiculous and unacceptable for any customer to go through this process. I was placed on long holds and sides struggled with trying to understand each other. How can they not have had the correct order number right there in front of them?