Cheryl & Co. / Cheryl's Cookies - Gift Sent by Employer too 24 days to arrive and horrible customer service!

Jan 12, 2022

JulesCo — Camano, Washington, USA

this is what I sent to them via chat after being cut off, and then calling, only to get someone who acted absolutely unknowledgeable, and also made fun of me with someone else while I was on the phone and could hear them!

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You all need to get better help to answer questions both via chat and on the phone. My employer sent me a gift for Christmas sent on 12/18/2021 and received TODAY 1/12/2022. It says eat within 4 days or freeze for 6 months. Your representative states the packages are shipped in a dry ice box. Well, my box has been out and about in transit for 24 days. No one can guarantee the cookies were kept chilled. The "day of freshness" is NOT the day of receipt, by the way. The day of freshness is the day the food is cooked and packaged, not 24 to 30 days after the food was cooked and packaged. Trying to explain all this to your representatives was an exercise in futility to determine if the food is safe to eat. After the first person didn't come back to the chat, and the person on the phone could not follow my query about whether the cookies are still consumable, given the "eat within 4 days or freeze immediately for 6 months notification" we decided to just throw the cookies in the trash. I hope this satisfies your representatives, who acted like I was intruding on their day and could not answer my questions. Best wishes to your company with the horrible customer service.