CHI St. Luke’s Health - Emergency room staff

Nov 26, 2021

Jennifer Cubellis — Dartmouth, USA

On 11/19/2021 I was brought in by medics for a psychiatric review. When I arrived I was asked to change into hospital clothing. At the time of my arrival I was extremely dehydrated and asked for water. The nurse who was assigned to me was extremely rude. She did tell me I needed to be seen by a dr. I did drink some water from the sink. The water was room temperature. The nurse came up to take my temperature. First she stuck the thermometer under my tongue and got a false reading. Then she stuck it under my arm and also got a false reading. She claimed that because I drank water from the sink she was unable to get a good reading. Honestly it wasn't because I drank water from the sink that she was unable to get a good reading. The third time she used the thermometer that scans your head and got a good reading. Chances are her thermometer was broken or she wasn't taking it correctly. Also that same nurse yelled at several patients while I was there. She seemed extremely unhappy with her position. If this is how she treats all patients then maybe she needs to look for another job. It's not the first encounter with this nurse.