Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation - Ignition Coil & 4 Spark plugs replaced

Nov 18, 2021

magnum2156 — Lockport, USA

I Took my car to Christian Brothers Automotive in Lockport, IL for repair. I told them I had a Scanner code error that read -Error P0030, cylinder 4 not firing.
The guy told me that you could not get an error code if engine light does not come on, Wich is 100% incorrect, you cars computer registers errors.
I told them that I probably needed the Ignition coil and 4 spark plugs replaced. They did there own Diagnostic and Charged me $61 and came up with the same result. They overcharged me for this repair. The repair on my 2015 Chevy Trax 1.4L should have been from $220 to $352 on the high end. They Charged me $716 for this repair
They Charge me $173 for 4 spark plugs alone, C'mon !!!
I argued with them and told them to just complete the job as I was in dyer need of my vehicle. Ray Martinez runs this shop and he is a crook. I will be seeking out the CEO and CFO of this business to complain as well an Social Media. I WANT MY MONEY BACK, THIS IS FAR FROM OVER.