Christopher & Banks - Refuse to honor gift card

Feb 11, 2022

Debbie McCann-of Ankeny, US

Receipt has no expiration date (law allows 5 years to use a gift card)

Denied using gift card through on-line catalog even though the instructions said you could

Called and emailed Customer Service since closed numerous times, promised to get back to me, never have

Continue to send email updates for purchasing products

Email updates with reward information

Never notified that they were closing but called me several times a year, inviting me to setup an appt. for personal shopper at Ankeny, Iowa Store, Marshalltown Store

Talk to a personal shopper (must have a store open on East Coast) and she told me to call Coemity Bank (looked up and called). They said they handled C&B credit cards but not gift cards

Have numerous emails to support my efforts to resolve incident but no one will help me.