Coach USA Bus Company - Bus Service

Nov 24, 2021

Chris K... — Middletown, USA

On thanksgiving eve 11/24/2021, I caught the 3:45pm bus from gate 407 going to Middletown. I asked the driver while he scanned my ticket if he was stopping at the Citgo station on route 17M. He said yes. Fast forward to the bus arriving in Middletown and I knew the bus on was route 17M but did not know exactly where the bus stop was at the Citgo gas station (found out in was in New Hampton). As I was looking out the window trying to figure out where the bus would stop, I noticed the lights quickly come on for a second then go back off. A few seconds later I see the Citgo gas station I assumed where the bus was to stop. I get up and walk to the bus driver and asked him wasn't the bus supposed to stop at the Citgo? He tells me I should have told him that I wanted to stop there and he said that I should have gotten u and started walking down the aisle so when He turned on the light he would have know I wanted to get off the bus. I told him I am not going to walk on the bus while its moving and that I told him before I got on the bus if it was stopping in New Hampton. Then he tells me that there are two Citgo stops in new New Hamptons and how was he supposed to know which one I wanted to get off at (there is only ONE stop in New Hampton so what is he talking about). So he basically kept going on about why basically it was my fault that I missed m stop even though it's a scheduled stop. I told him that I was not going to argue with him and just let me off at the next corner which is now about a couple of miles away from where I was supposed to get off and even then He kept going on about why I don't understand what he is talking about letting him Know I needed to get off the bus. Thanks Coach USA for letting your customers know that they are wrong and you are right. I will be sharing this as much as possible.