Coinstar - Coinstar Amazon gift voucher-number fades out early

Feb 15, 2022

Kathryn Phillips-of Black Mountain, US

I dropped coins in my local Coinstar machine and received a $63.16 gift voucher for Amazon on 8/3/21. I know these vouchers fade with time so I put a piece of clear tape over the number. This didn't work - 4 months later I took it out of my desk drawer to use and the number had faded completely - even though the rest of the voucher ink was just fine - no fading and easily readable. This tells me that it was designed this way on purpose. How many people are unable to redeem their gift vouchers because they've faded? This is not the first time which is why I put the clear tape over it. I have had this happen several times.

I can still read "No expiration date. Not redeemable for cash etc". This is clearly a fraudulent practice.