Colonial Van Lines - Moving Company

Mar 10, 2022

Brenda Augustus-of Anaheim, US

I went online to get a quote in January to move in February. I got a lot of quotes. Colonial Van Lines, their sale agents spouted out alot of what the company could do. He made a point to say they were not a brokerage company. They operated their vehicles, and their quote was from their company. He constantly called and made promises. One promise, I could pay by credit card. He also stated it would not be an issue at the time of delivery. However, the company that arrived on the day of pick-up and delivery was not Colonial Van Lines, but a representative company, Cal Lines. They arrived to pick up my furniture. It was some discrepancy about my inventory. I reluctantly gave in but asked to take my vacuum cleaner. I end up throwing out and giving away alot of my things. I called and a very rude manager called me a liar on the phone. He did not know my phone was on speaker. He was talking to the driver. I was outraged. I told them I was Christian woman, and all I wanted was what we agreed upon with the salesman. I was stuck and they knew it. I was forced to use them. They got my items. They picked up on the third of February. They were supposed to deliver between February 7 and February 25. I did not get my furniture until March 7th. Doing this time my interaction with Colonial was few. The second company Cal Lines called and dictated everything. They wanted me to pay before I got my furniture and I refused. They wanted it all paid by March 5th. I refused they got angry and in retaliation they said I had to pay by cash. I refused because that was not my agreement. They called and harassed me. They were holding my furniture as hostage and refused to deliver if I did not pay in cash. On Monday I received so many calls telling me no furniture, if I did not pay in cash. I refused. They finally agreed on credit. Colonial had my new address for three weeks and two days before delivery they said I needed a shuttle which added 300 dollars to my bill after I had received a bill stating I owed 1,358. It was a punch in my gut. I couldn't believe it. I refuted it. They said it was necessary. They arrived in a Uhaul, which I suspect they had all the time. I paid the amount in credit card. The driver refused to give me a copy of the receipt. They drove off. Upon inventory, I had a broken TV. I had two broken bowls and two missing boxes. They say they are not a brokerage company but they operate as one. My contract was with Colonial. but this Company had all the control of my items. I was promised a compensation. I haven't heard from the company once they got their money. Please review your contract carefully. If they sneak in a second company don't sign it.