Colonial Van Lines - Colonial Van Lines - AVOID THIS COMPANY!

Mar 15, 2022

Cindy Lowery-of US

Let me start by saying I've done several long distance moves: HI to CT, CT to FL, FL to PA, and this PA to FL. This experience has been the WORST moving experience I've ever had.

Here is what I was "sold" vs what I received:

#1 Sold - they weren't a brokerage/used their own people

#1 Received - one of their "agent" companies did the actual move using Ryder trucks. Further, the agent company (BCM Relocation) hired day labors to assist their driver with the move. When goods were delivered, one of the day labors was stopped from working due to the police needing to speak with him regarding a hit & run accident

#2 Sold - two payments made by credit card (deposit and drop off)

#2 Received - BCM Relocation demanded $1000 upon pickup and the rest upon delivery. When I fought with BCM Relocation people (who called me a 8itch on the phone), they told me if I had a problem that I needed to contact Colonial bc they were my contract company. After agreeing to receive payment upon delivery, they retaliated by refusing to accept credit card payment and demanded cash/cashier's check

#3 Sold - acct manager would contact me a few days prior to pickup/delivery for date confirmation

#3 Received - acct manager called the night before pickup to tell me of pickup and the driver of the vehicle called at 9:30pm to tell me delivery would happen at 10am the next morning

#4 Sold - weight estimate of 3500 based on inventory

#4 Received - weight of 4700 and no proof/documentation to justify the additional weight

#5 Sold - communication throughout the move

#5 Received - couldn't reach anyone on move team for a week; was assured management would reach out to me, but it never happened

#6 Sold - all items would be tagged/color coded to ensure no inventory mix-ups

#6 Received - upon delivery, multiple items were placed in my house which weren't mine

If all this wasn't enough, I have several destroyed items and now have to attempt to make a claim for reimbursement.

Lastly, not to divulge personal information, the driver I had for Colonial/BCM Relocation for delivery had a medical emergency DURING delivery and should not be medically cleared to drive ANY motor vehicle. Yet, when delivery was complete and the paramedics were gone, the driver drove himself and the Ryder truck they used away.

Avoid Colonial and BCM Relocation - they will make your long distance move a nightmare.