Columbia Gas of Ohio - Columbia Gas Residential Gas Service

Mar 22, 2022

Jim Hendrickson-of US

Turned off service with no notice and charged me a reconnect fee. Admitted they did not do their job and resulted in still have a reconnect fee and having to be at the house between 8 am and 11 PM at night.

I've been a customer 25 years and have never had an issue.

I have a bill pay service that received the bill. They indicated they were sent there but the bill pay service never received anything.

Then they had someone come out and turn off the service without any notice and I had to pay the bill and a reconnect fee. When I called and asked why this had happened and why I had gotten no notice, they fussed around and then sent me to a supervisor that said things had been sent and they didn't know why there were not received.

This has been in place 25 years and never failed and now it magically does.