Comfort Dental - Dentist attempted to fill gaps of my teeth without my knowledge or permission

May 13, 2022

Lulu1998-of Grove City, US

I went to Comfort Dental on May 12th, 2022 to have cavities filled and a few chipped teeth fixed. The dentist/dental hygienist completed my cavities and then moved onto the chipped teeth which were 3 of the 4 front teeth, the 2 front and the tooth right of the right front tooth. From what I understood all they had to do was was fill in the chips. When they finished my teeth they informed me that they attempted to fill the gaps of my teeth without my knowledge or permission and that the only way I can fix the gaps is through braces. I also found that they did not do just do the 3 teeth as they were supposed to do. They also did the 4th front tooth without my permission or knowledge. They also elongated all 4 front teeth, and when I attempted to ask them to shorten just one of them they acted as if that was an issue and sighed before telling me to show them before they finally drilled down the tooth that is to the right of my front right tooth. All 4 teeth are practically encapsulated in bonding which wasn't what I had been told they were going to do. My 2 front teeth are sharp in between them from then drilling how the excess bonding that they attempted to use to close the gaps but they left them extremely long and now they are digging into my lower lip, the gap between my front teeth are 3 times worse, the sharp edges inbetween are cutting the inside of my upper lip, and I have not been able to stop crying from what they have done to my smile. I went in for a routine thing of getting cavities filled and a few chipped teeth fixed only to have it end in a nightmare that has destroyed my self esteem and confidence in any dentist.

The pictures attached are to show what they had done to my teeth, the one that has my mouth slightly open was taken today may 13th 2022 and the 2nd picture was taken yesterday 3 or 4 hours before I went to the dentist.