Comfort Keepers - home care

Jan 14, 2022

Jon Gee-of US

I hired Comfort Keepers on or about December 16, 2021to care for my hospice wife. They were unable to provide medically trained staff to properly care for my wife's hygiene such as shifting her in bed, properly cleaning her until after 10 days of service when a properly trained person finally arrived. The company was unable to provide sufficient staff to even comfort to my wife. After she passed on 12/27 the company billed me $4K for services supposedly scheduled for anticipated support after she passed. The billing statement failed to identify the individuals scheduled who were denied work due to my wife passing. I consider the two week look ahead as a rip off because the company struggled to provide minimum help and all but one of the attendants provided demonstrated training my bed ridden wife needed. Every employee sent to the home had a large empathetic heart and performed a degree of comfort, but the quality of trained care was minimum except in a single case the night she died. Care was initiated on or about December 16, 2021 and the last person was with my wife on December 27. My primary complaint is about the two week lookahead payment when, in fact, the company struggled to provide needed quality medically trained support. The lookahead appears to be intended to keep active workers engaged after a death. I believe, in my case, there were very few workers negatively affected by my wife's death. The lookahead fee charged to me is excessive and considered gouging of a grieving family.