Compass Group North America - Employment for Chartwell/Compass Group

Mar 21, 2022

Fred Cole-of US

Have already sent a copy of my write up appeal to the HR office but wouldn't hurt to also file this.Worked for your Wichita State affiliation,Chartwell,for four and a half years.During that time out of some forty employees that onboarded from the previous account Chartwell managed to lose everyone of them due to an unfit work place due to overwork and hostility.I was one of the few that remained until I too was harassed and managing my work space by myself in a job that took two to three people to sufficiently run.Your present management team are inept,nepotistic,and frankly a disaster in the way they treat people and manage the cafeteria.Human Resources needs to look into these people and the high turn over rate,including the five sous chefs they've been through in their time there.Not writing this to waste time but state fact.Very poor place to work and until this matter's been addressed will continue to be.