Complete Nutrition - Refund

Dec 10, 2021

Rachel Shalynn-of Rome, United States

On September 28, 2021 I placed on order for the triple pack of protein coffee, mocha flavored. I waited almost 4 weeks from the date of purchase to reach out to customer service regarding that I had not received my order yet. I was informed that my order was canceled (by the company, not by me) and that I would be refunded the $67.47 for my purchase. I got nothing but the run around for OVER 2 MONTHS. Complete nutrition requested bank statements proving that I had not received the refund and when I gave them my bank statements, I was informed the refund WOULD be there. For OVER 2 months I have received vague answers, with no product and no refund. OVER 2 months. I have saved every email (more the 20 emails between me and customer service) and to be honest the company does not seem to to care at all. After proving to them I have NOT received the refund, all they do is re assure me I was refunded when I CLEARLY WAS NOT. I thoroughly enjoyed the Maine Roast products, however the company not refunding me my money as well as NEVER sending me my product did me in. It is highly unprofessional and rude. I will NEVER order from the company again. It doesn't sound like a lot, but $67.47 could be groceries for my family. As a nurse, if I treated my patients the way this company has treated me I would have lost my job a long time ago.