Copa Airlines - service at airport, negligence in flight

Mar 11, 2022

Marcus Veiga-of US

My wife was left behind for ticket manager mistake and computer had problems causing delay on boarding. I wait 23 min and I was FIRST IN LINE AT BUSINESS. Because issues with system, they had minutes to finishing boarding passengers and my wife's covid test was taking at 4pm at same time I took mine. Because this gentleman who was in charge to the check in counter in Miami for our flight CM 433, was rude and screaming because he did not have time to listen to a paying customer that was flying for the first time with Copas on businesses class that the date they THINK she took the test, was actually 4pm in Florida but because the lab who did test was in California and they are 3 hours behind, the time on her Covid test was different. I showed him the test time according to Eastern Time but because he was late to boarding passengers (not my fault, was they system), I calm try to explain to him, but he was blind and extremely nervous. Well, he didn't give us opportunity to speak and scream to me that I better go, or we both would be left behind. He then told me to go, and he will put my wife on next flight, but part of our bags was already dispatched, and we use same luggage type and my wife stayed with two to take on the next flight as he promised. Again, he did promise to me that she would be in next flight, and we pay for business class, and she will be fine be on next flight. I left on plane on flight CM433 and I had no choice. We paid $500 for driver to take us from Galeão Airport to Cabo Frio and because his ignorance, I had to pay again because this city is 3 hours away by car. Per his request because NOW HER COVID TEST EXPIRED, she was forced to pay$178 for a new Covid test. To make matters worse, he lied to us and left my wife on airport till next day and without her medication that was dispatched with me. I am handicap and my wife has serious health problems. When she checked to boarding, he told her business class was FULL and gave the er a seat on back of the plane. After few hours suffering without her medication, my wife start getting sick on plane and she was rescued by flying crew who brought her to business and they took care her and she noticed that he AGAIN, lied to her, was four seats empty and AGAIN, we did pay for business. At same token, I took picture showing that the seat on businesses that supposed be my wife was occupied by another PAYING passenger on 3E (I took picture to proof). Now after she start feeling better, they refuse her a better seat and send my wife that was sick, back to economy even with business with four seats empty. When she arrived in Panama, another mistake, he put her on a 5 HOUR LAYOVER, at this point she was completely lost. She went to a counter and again, they did nothing to put her on a short layover flight. Remember that our original flight was on businesses and layover was 1.5 hours. After she seat for 5 hours, AGAIN she was told no seats on businesses, and she was seated in economic class. After losing 25 hours because an unprepared manager who did not listen to one single word, we were saying make a huge mistake, our vacation was ruined. I was in Cabo Frio without any communication with my wife, but our transportation company got hold of her and find out that she was going to be on flight arriving at 12:45am they couldn't drive her to final destination because was very dangerous. So now my wife that was already sick, had to wait till 5am (daytime) so transportation company could drive her for 3 hours and finally get her medication. My wife spent 25 hours between airports spent a full day at 5-star hotel sleeping recovering from all this trouble created by your poor trained manager in Miami. We start feeling better and tried to enjoy our vacation that was actually an emergency family visit trying to get in time to say Fairwell to my uncle who is cancer terminal on advanced stage. We got early on the 28 because our flight was on the 29th but AGAIN, this manager, put my wife on a different flight and AGAIN she was going to be left for hours in Panama without me. She is legally my caregiver, so you know, again, I am handicap. We spoke with Elizabeth (check-in manager at Galeão Airport, explained all we went through with Copas, and she told me everything will be ok. She saw the mistakes and actually she founded that the manager in Miami, booked my wife flight separate once again and she was going to fix. We requested an upgrade and I offered to pay because they took her out my reservation and only me was approved for business. Elizabeth told me business was full but did change my wife to my dear and I went to economic class based on her health issues we thought was the best decision. I offer to pay AGAIN for business to be next to my wife, but Elizabeth GUARANTEE me was full. When we noticed business had AGAIN four seats EMPTY, I request flight attendant to contact Elizabeth because she was there, and I showed her that seats were empty and again I asked her to let me stay with my wife but was denied and she saw her mistake. We flew separated but Stewart saw our dilemma and allowed me to bring her medication and kept eyes on my wife. The crew from flight CM441 was amazing and is not at fault but my Godfather is the CEO for Tap Airlines and I know is not possible to change seat class after doors are close. They are not at fault but again, another manager lied to us. At Panama, I waited about 45 minutes and they tried to put us on a 5- or 6-hours layover flight, that is when I showed my health condition and customer service offered to send us to a hotel but was to late, I ran out my medication and I told customer service in Panama airport to take me to a hospital instead hotel. The agent then make call and found way to put us on next flight to Miami about 1 hour later, I AGAIN asked for an upgrade that I PAID FOR but was refused. I flew economic, business and first since moved to USA in 1988 and NECER experienced anything like that. I am preparing a letter to your corporation and post moments on video and pictures, but I will wait till here from your company how so many mistakes happened with same passenger and on 4 of 4 flights with you guys. I need to return to Brazil in July, and I am very scared to use your airlines again. My whole family flew with Copas, they been using Copas for 5 years and warned me for some issues, but I thought was just delays. I was wrong. So please have someone from COPA Airline to contact me on my email [protected] or my phone [protected]. I do have documentation and videos for all that I ate here.